Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kyle Busch Sued for False Advertising in "Everything is Great" T-Shirts

Adding to Kyle Busch's mounting drama over the 2017 season, a group of fans has filed a class-action lawsuit against the driver for making false statements, most notably that "Everything is Great". 
"My clients number in the thousands--they all bought the aforementioned 'Everything is Great' t-shirts sold by Mr. Busch", attorney Logan Joseph said at a press conference. "They bought the shirts based on the premise that, in reference to Mr. Busch, everything WAS great. Well, after his actions on Sunday nigh—er, Monday morning, that claim has been proven patently false."
Busch gave a terse, sarcastic reply to a reporter's question in the post-race press conference, despite his previous claims to the media that everything was, in fact, great. 
"Mr. Busch has been a party to lies before", Joseph said. "From article after article calling him 'matured' to claiming that winning 200 races across the three touring series is somehow impressive, these lies must stop."

Joseph said he would be seeking financial restitution, punitive damages, and an admission that a world champion race case driver with a beautiful family has no right to be so pissy all the time.