Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How to Improve Nascar’s Early Season TV Ratings

First, we need to examine the problem
In this case, its that ratings for the first half or so of the Cup season are slipping
Really, this has been an issue for years now
Even Nascar HQ has admitted that its a problem

Doing something about it isn’t very simple, however
After all, Nascar seems to love to make changes just for the sake of making changes
Right now, we need targeted, specific action
Results are what Nascar will be judged upon in the years to come
Even if the short-term results aren’t there
Look—here’s some simple ideas
Lord knows they could use some right now

Well, they could shorten races for one, but that would mean less time for commercials
After all, TV has become the tail that wags the dog
Less commercials could help, but that would devalue the rights packages
Time changes have been tried without much help so far
Recent format adjustments haven’t done much either
Is there anything that really CAN be done to reverse this slide?

Pretty sure you can see the answer right here.