Friday, April 8, 2016

Texas “News” and Notes

—Hearing that Texas Motor Speedway is 20 years old makes me think of two things: 1.) I’m getting old, and 2.) That wreck in turn one of the first lap at the first race showed just how crazy Bruton Smith is.

—Clint Bowyer says that he’s working with HScott Motorsports to improve their performance.  Here’s guessing that unless they magically transform their cars into Fords, they’re unlikely to improve much of anything.

—If you remember the early-00’s, you might actually remember how Kevin Harvick got the nickname “Happy”—because of his ability to smile through seemingly any controversy.  The way he’s saying he’s not going to Ford, but not out-and-out guaranteeing it, we might see a return of that smirk as a non-verbal answer to a few media questions.

—Coming soon: Peyton Manning, Bristol pre-race interview subject/Nationwide spokesman.  I’ll admit it—if Mikey’s grid walk features the quote, “Hey Peyton…woah, don’t slide forward on me!”, I might actually like him for a minute.