Friday, April 15, 2016

Bristol “News” and Notes

"Huh huh huh--you said Goodwood"
—Tomorrow the Xfinity Series unveils its new Heat Race format, which will feature two 50 lap “features” followed by a 200 lap “main”.  If an Xfinity points-eligible driver finishes top-two in either Heat Race, they’ll be eligible for the “Dash 4 Cash” in the Main (by finishing best of those four drivers), and if a driver wins two of the four Dash 4 Cash bonuses, they’ll automatically advance to the Chase.  Basically, it’s a really confusing way to draw attention away from the fact that Kyle Busch uses this series to stroke his own ego.

—Speaking of Kyle Busch, Rowdy has said that he would be interested in running an IndyCar at Indianapolis in the future—guessing he means the IndyLights support race they run there every year now.

—On Sunday, meanwhile, Bill Goldberg will return to Bristol to do driver introductions.  Soon afterwards, Goldberg will travel to England with Mike Skinner for the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  I’m not making ANY of that up.

—The NBA is going the Nascar route by selling a small portion of jersey space to advertisers.  Let’s see how NBA team owners like it when they get stiffed on sponsorship payments from Big Daddy’s BBQ Sauce!