Thursday, April 21, 2016

Richmond “News” and Notes—Super Maxi Jumbo Edition

—After weeks of waiting, he’s finally returning this weekend at Richmond—that’s right, ME!  I’ll be in the pits pre-race for the Sunday Cup race at Richmond International Speedway, so just look for the schmuck in the “Spade Racing” t-shirt.
"Look Clint, if you're gonna race for me,
you've got to start wearing gaudier shirts."

—Oh, and some IRL guy is coming back too.

—Due to being at the race (and touring the race shops of North Carolina for my OTHER website afterwards) there will almost certainly be no post-race “Burnout” article this weekend.

—For the first time since Daytona there will be more than 40 cars attempting the Cup race.  What should we call this?  I mean, 36 charter teams is a “full field”, so what would 40+ be?  Overstuffed?

—Kevin Harvick makes Nascar history this Sunday, running the first car sponsored by a canned-water brand, Busch Light.

--A happy Passover to all my fellow Jews in Nascar (all five of us).  For those who don’t know, Passover is what happens when sponsors see Xfinity regulars.

—If you caught the IndyCar race on Sunday (post-Nascar, of course), then you saw a controversial non-call on pit-exit procedure, taking the average IndyCar fan to “furious rage” from their normal “angry rage”.  Still, it was nice to see them talk about something other than The Split.

—But seriously, it’s great to have Tony Stewart coming back this weekend from his injuries.  It sounds like Brian Vickers will be on standby as a relief driver, while Ty Dillon will be on standby as a relief gigantic face.