Sunday, April 17, 2016

Comcast Car to Arrive in Victory Lane Between 5-7pm

After a dominant day at Bristol Motor Speedway, Carl Edwards captured the checkered flag at the Food City 500.  However, his sponsor, Comcast, says that he will arrive in victory lane between 5-7pm.
“Thank you for contacting Comcast”, a spokesman said.  “For quality assurance, this press conference may be recorded.  If you’d like to interview our driver, please press or say 1 now.”
Members of the media waited impatiently, wondering how it could take a car more than a few minutes to report to something inside the track.

“We appreciate your business, and please continue to hold for your race winner”, the spokesman continued.  “Please note that if the winner does not report to victory lane in the allotted time window, you will receive a credit to your account worth about 5% what you spend with us in a month.”