Sunday, August 2, 2015

Why Did Kyle Busch Run Out of Fuel?

Kyle Busch appeared easily on his way to a fourth straight Cup Series win, only to run out of fuel on the final lap.  With all the focus on saving gas, how did this happen?
You got greedy, Kyle!

—He really really REALLY hates Microsoft (He’s a Sun Microsystems man!)

—No real desire to appear on Dan Patrick’s radio show

—Didn’t feel like reading “Nascar fixed it so Kyle would win!” posts online all week

—He was jealous of Kevin Harvick getting to leave early to beat the traffic

—It’s the CRISPY edge, not the fuel-soaked edge

—Wants to give Cole Whitt a fighting chance to make the top-30

—Much better to blame the crew chief for not telling him ENOUGH to save than to thank people in victory lane