Saturday, August 22, 2015

NBC: Throwing it Back

As you no doubt saw during tonight’s race (aka Watch Timmy Hill Get Lapped 25 Times) NBC is getting in on the action for the upcoming Darlington “Throwback” race, paying tribute to the 1970’s.  Here’s what you’ll see on the telecast to make it feel like The Me Decade:

—Race will be aired on your local NBC affiliate, but on tape delay, only showing the final 100 laps.

Usually he roots for Steve Grissom
—Bringing back driver interviews during pit stops by reporters standing next to the cars.

—Safety crew to be replaced by four fat guys in bright yellow t-shirts.

—In the interest of political correctness, RUBBLE flags will be on display.

—Dale Jr. to get beat up pre-race for having a beard “like a damn hippie”.

—Austin Dillon to honor the 3 car’s performance in the 70’s by not coming close to winning.

—Commercials for classic tv shows like Supertrain and BJ & The Bear.

—Instead of Twitter, announcers to ask drivers questions yelled by drunk guy who broke into the press box.

—“In Car Camera” to be a 110 bouncing around in the trunk.