Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kyle Busch Wins in Hideous Paint Scheme

Kyle Busch continued his march to the top-30—and by extension, making the Chase for the Cup—with a win at New Hampshire today, pulling his hideously-wrapped car into victory lane.
“We did it, woo!  There’s no give-up in this team, no matter what they throw at us”, Busch said upon exiting his Zubaz-inspired car.  “Whether its missing the first third of the schedule, wrecking in the Xfinity race, or having a car so awful-looking that you need sunglasses to look at it directly, we can do it!”
Busch runs the terribly-garish-looking car in almost every race he has Interstate Batteries sponsorship for.  Interstate, a long-time sponsor of Joe Gibbs Racing, seems to have followed the “any publicity is good publicity” mode of thinking when designing the look of their car.
“It’s not just trying to get into the top-30, just like how it’s not just the Fruit Stripe paint scheme”, Busch said.  “We want to go out there every weekend and win, and we have two M&M’s stickers on the sides of the car that are bright yellow, clashing with the zebra-striped green.  It’s really amazing, and it’s really amazing.”

When asked for the second time what it’s like to drive such an ugly-looking car, Busch stared into the distance and sipped from his black water bottle.