Friday, July 3, 2015

Daytona “News” and Notes

What I think of when I see the tire
—Thanks to Nascar moving this race to Sunday night (for some reason), there’ll likely be no post-race* recap here.  Instead, look for a pre-race story. (*—unless it rains.  Again.)

—Look—Nascar’s asking fans to refrain from flying the Confederate battle flag.  ASKING.  A-S-K-I-N-G.  Not forcing, demanding, or threatening.  ASKING.

—In a related story, there’s been a lot of controversy lately about “The Dukes of Hazzard”’s famed “General Lee” car, which features the Confederate battle flag on the roof.  My main problem with the show is the fact that the car’s name, when spoken, sounds like “Generally”.

—It’s good to see Nascar recruiting David Spade to act as the grand marshall for Sunday’s race, appealing to all the young people of 1998.