Friday, June 5, 2015

Pocono “News” and Notes

Image courtesy WCW Worldwide
—Ah, Pocono—one of Nascar’s most-scenic tracks, where a driver runs the risk of running into a deer, a bird, a chicken, or a drunk (or some combination thereof).

—New regulations for fireproof equipment for pit crews go into effect this weekend.  No word on how this will affect The Pit Crew (nobody EVER thinks about how things affect Dale Torborg).

—Remember that the Truck series is in Texas tonight, running as a companion event to the IndyCar’s Please Don’t Let Anyone Crash, Please We’re Begging You 600.

—Arnold Schwarzenegger was announced as the pace car driver for the upcoming Sonoma race.  Over/Under on lame puns by DW sits at 3.5.

—Remember drivers: If you have a problem with someone, don’t walk onto the track to yell at them.  Wait until the race is over and you’re in the pits, preferably surrounded by a dozen camera people.