Friday, June 12, 2015

Meeeechigan “News” and Notes

Dale Jr.'s Jeff Burton tribute car

—A reminder that next weekend is a sneaky off-week for the Cup series, as Fox devotes the weekend to US Open golf coverage.  If you haven’t heard about this, I envy you.

—Memo to Jeffrey Earnhardt—when the team you’re racing for is rumored to shut down in a matter of days, you might want to take your payment in cash.

—Congrats to Brandon Jones, who’ll be running the Truck series race shortly after graduating from high school.  If its anything like my high school graduation, it’ll be really really hot, and someone will get arrested during the ceremony.

—Nascar is considering more-specific aero packages going forward, possibly on a per-track basis.  This will be the new thing for “fans” to whine about even though it affects them in no tangible way.