Sunday, November 2, 2014

Spade Racing presents Nascar Survivor Series

Nascar's Chase Grid format is all about survival.  Unfortunately, it tends to come off as manufactured as pro-wrestling.  To make the best out of a bad situation, let's get ready to wrap up the season with a Nascar Pay-Per-View blowout, Survivor Series-style!

Dark Match
Brian Keselowski vs. Brad Keselowski--Brother-vs.-Brother match with special guest referee Bob Keselowski

Sunday Night Tepidity
Dale Earnhardt Jr. vs. Brad Keselowski--Mentor vs. Student Showdown
Carl Edwards vs. Brad Keselowski--The Old Battle Rages Anew

Main Event Matches
Matt Kenseth vs. Brad Keselowski--Trailer Lot Brawl
Kyle Busch vs. Brad Keselowski--Winner gets a lifetime supply of Skittlebrau
Michael McDowell vs. Brad Keselowski--(Brad cut ahead of Michael in the line for the bathroom)
Kevin Harvick vs. Brad Keselowski--Battle of the Beers
Jeff Gordon vs. Brad Keselowski--with Kevin Harvick as the Special Enforcer