Wednesday, November 12, 2014

15 Minutes Could Waste 15% Of Your Day

"Huh…15 minutes could save you 15% on auto insurance with SpadeCo."
"Everybody knows that"
"Well, did you know that…"
"Sam Hornish Jr. will have
steady sponsorship from
someone other than
Ford EcoBoost...oh boy..."

…it's a good thing that Kevin Harvick's last name isn't Oveur?
"OK young man, please introduce yourself to the class"
"Hello, I'm Keelan Oveur"
"Quick, call 911!"

…Denny Hamlin would make a great safety video instructor?
"So always wear proper eye protection…otherwise you could get a sliver of metal that flies in there, causing a massive sinus infection, which would require you to miss work, and if you're like me, cause the world to automatically assume you've done something illegal."

…Ryan Newman has never had a bad day since 2005?
"Hey Ryan, how was your day?"
"Well, I got ticketed for speeding, got a hole in my shoe, spent my whole lunch-hour in boring meetings, then got stuck in traffic on the way home.  BUT, I didn't have to work with Rusty Wallace, so it was a pretty good day!"

…Joey Logano will feel quite uncomfortable around the other three contenders?
"Um, hi Kevin…sorry about talking about your wife and the firesuit thing.  Hi Denny…sorry about trying to start a fight with you.  Hi Ryan…sorry about trying to start a fight with YOU…"