Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ryan Newman Makes Chase, Puns Fly in Post-Race

Newman post-race
Last week saw a flurry of flying fists after the race was finished.  This week, it was the puns that were flying at Phoenix, as Ryan Newman muscled-by Kyle Larson to sneak into the Chase.
"Well, I had to HIT THE TARGET, but I guess we were the CAT to beat today!", a relieved and witty Newman said post-race.  "Kyle Larson, I hated to CHIP him like that, but he has a bright future ahead for him--after all, he's THE ANSWER TO LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING."
Newman continued his torrid pace on the track with a torrid pace off the track.
"You're not always going to have a diamond like this race handed to you--sometimes you have to MINE for it.  And I hope no one says that what I did to Kyle (Larson) was uncalled for--that's a bunch of BULL(SEYE).
Newman refused to apologize in any way for making the Chase finale without a win, instead making it with a bon mot.
"It was a THIRTY-ONE-DERFUL race today by this team, we were just so QUICK-EN out of the pits.  I look forward to running for the championship next week against Denny, Joey and Kevin--we'll just see if they (RC)R ready to duke it out for the win.