Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spade Racing's Spring Movie Preview

Ah, Spring:  When a race can be postponed by rain OR snow.  In case one is, here's some Nascar-centric movies at the multiplex:

G.I. Joe: Retaliation--Joe Nemechek's back, and he's RUNNING THE WHOLE RACE (all the way to 34th!).

The Host--Speed Channel morphs into Fox Sports One, and desperately tries to find someone willing to host their new 10-minute weekly edition of Nascar Race Hub.

The Place Beyond the Pines--Bruton Smith reveals the spot in the woods where he hid all the good Bristol racing in 2012.

Mental--Joey Logano flips out and finally tells Denny Hamlin the REAL reason why he hates him (hint:  it involves not replacing the toilet-paper at the JGR office bathroom).

Welcome to the Punch--Denny Hamlin's response to "Mental".

Trance--A random sampling of Nascar fans react to seeing three-straight hours of green-flag racing at Fontana.

Oblivion--We boldly go exploring for Gary Bradberry's career.

The Iceman--Just two hours straight of Terry Labonte staring at the audience.

Fast & Furious 6--An angry Mark Martin fan tries to get a refund for all his "Salute to You" merchandise.