Friday, March 8, 2013

Las Vegas "News" and Notes

--A heads-up:  There most likely won't be a post-race recap this week, as I'll be down in Charlotte doing research (read: being a tourist) for my OTHER website,  The next article you see here will, most likely, be the "News" and Notes entry for Bristol.

--Denny Hamlin went to his friend/golfing buddy Michael Jordan for advice on how to fight his $25,000 fine.  Michael's advice?  "Republicans buy Gen-6 cars too".

--As reported here earlier, Speed Channel will officially transition to Fox Sports 1 later this year.  All five viewers of the original Speedvision are said to be furious.

--RPM has said that, while Michael Annett recovers from his injuries suffered at Daytona, the team will be running the Reed Option.

--You'd figure that if Clint Bowyer really DID have all those powers he demonstrates in those new commercials, he'd be in commercials with someone a little more famous than Jim Furyk.

--Hope you're ready for a slew of lame gambling metaphors.