Friday, March 22, 2013

California "News" and Notes

--We've seen how the Gen6 car races on a plate track, a flat track, an intermediate track, and a short track, but now we get to see how it does on a BORING track.

--According to BK Racing, the REAL reason why Landon Cassill left the team was that he didn't want to share the 83 & 93 cars with two other drivers.  So instead he shares a ride with ONE other driver at Circle Sport, or Hillman, or LJ Racing, or whatever the heck they're calling the 33 team this year.

--Joe Nemechek is running (or attempting to run) full races this year.  I'm not sure what his sponsor makes or provides, but I can be sure that there's a place, someone named Maddie is involved, and it rocks.

--Carl Long returns to the driver's seat this weekend in the Nationwide Series race.  Now I'm imagining Brian France attempting to shake him down for the fine money.

--It was nice of ISC to name this track (and race, too) after Otto Klubb, famed German racer of the 1950's.