Friday, May 31, 2019

Spade Racing Picks: Uncle Max vs. Mystery Picker—Pocono

Well, once I get this written, my vacation officially begins!  Don’t worry, my picks will still be forthcoming, but they’ll be coming forth from the sunny beach house I’ve been able to call home for two weeks a year for the past decade.
While we’re on the subject of annual traditions, isn’t it about time Nascar gave up on the whole 600 mile race thing?  I know, I know, tradition and all, but its not like a full day of racing ending with more Nascar than usual is keeping people up late.  Heck—I dozed off before the halfway point.
Anyways, here’s the picks—and I’m officially on my way to the shore!

CUP SERIES Pocono 400: Mystery Picker picks Martin Truex Jr.  Favorite (3 wins): Kyle Busch—It’s a Toyota-filled week here in the Cup Series picks.  Next Favorite (1 win): Denny Hamlin—its his house (well, kinda).  Dark Horse: Erik Jones—gotta stake his claim to the 20 ride in 2020.

XFINITY SERIES Pocono Green 250 (6 wins): Austin Dillon—he may win in the 10 car, but he’s still no Jeff Green.