Saturday, May 11, 2019

Kyle Larson Forced to Return to Camden, Delaware for Good Luck Charms

A week after posting a much-needed top-five at Dover International Speedway, Kyle Larson was preparing for this weekend’s race at Kansas Speedway.  However, Larson was forced to make a return trip to Camden, Delaware, in order to receive the good-luck charms he got in a pre-race segment for Fox Sports.
“Geez, another trip to Camden”, a visibly annoyed Larson posted in a short video to his official Twitter feed.  “I thought the whole thing was a publicity stunt to make fun of my bad luck so far this season, but apparently my team, sponsors, and management felt differently, so its another trip down US-13 for me.”
Larson visited a specialist in good-luck charms in Camden, a small suburb of Dover, along with Axalta executive Jeff Gordon.  The segment, while mildly entertaining, appeared to have some positive effect on Larson’s performance, albeit most-likely coincidentally.
“I’ve never believed in much of that stuff—good luck charms, reversing curses, and so forth”, Larson said while waiting for the fortune healer to open for the day.  “But (primary sponsor) Credit One liked what they saw and I guess (team owner) Chip (Ganassi) agreed.
“So here I am, waiting on a side street for a person to open their store so I can go in and have incense spread around me while I sit idly in a chair.  Yeah.”
Larson’s previously dismal 2019 was credited by most to an uncompetitive Chevy body, the loss of sponsor DC Solar, and the overall dominance of Joe Gibbs Racing and Team Penske.  However, Larson disagreed on these counts.
“I mean, yeah—we’re running against the best of the best every week—well, the best of the best and whoever’s in the 51 car”, Larson said, “but there’s certain racing luck involved, if you want to call it that.  The choices are simple—spend years and years working with GM on making a body style that can actually pass on 1.5 mile tracks while simultaneously rebuilding the team from the grass-roots level up to be a force on the track every week, or getting a new rabbit’s foot.  I say, bring on the fuzzy feets.”
Larson also added that he was terrified at first of going to Camden, then was reassured that it was in Delaware, not New Jersey.