Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Opening a Sealed Box of 2019 Donruss Racing Cards PACK 10

Recently I got a sealed box of 2019 Donruss Racing Cards—24 packs, 8 cards per pack.  Join me as I go through the entire case, pack-by-pack, to see what awaited me. (Click any picture to enlarge)

PACK 10 OF 24: One Contenders, No Pretenders, and A Digit Bender

OVERVIEW: Some pretty stacked talent in this pack—heck, even Michael Annett is in the win column now.  While Michael McDowell is arguably the caboose in this talent train, at least he looks like he’s about to give someone a hearty handshake.

SPECIAL SPECIAL: Jimmie Johnson—the 48 driver of the 48 car.  Kinda redundant, Donruss, but kudos on the Trevor Boys reference on the back.

IN FOCUS: Of course Richard Petty is a RACE KING, but maybe they could’ve found a picture of him where he doesn’t have a wide collar—looks like a cross between Dr. Evil and a bad night out at the disco.

SPOTLIGHT: Denny Hamlin is the first of the “CONTENDERS” series to show up in this set, and while the “ticket” is a nice touch, all of them have the same Section, Row, and Seat.  Why not have some fun with it and have them correspond to their car number, win total, or career races?

SCORE: 9 windshield tear-offs out of 10