Friday, March 22, 2019

Spade Racing Picks: Uncle Max vs. Mystery Picker—Martinsville

Its nice to see that Kyle Busch’s stranglehold on the lower series finally ended last weekend, although it was fun posting Groundhog Day quotes for the past two weeks.  My life’s a lot like Phil Connors’ life, except for the absolution and learning at the end.
Meanwhile, its been crazy at work for ol’ Uncle Max—lots more responsibility even if there isn’t much more, well, monetary benefit.  But hey—I didn’t sign up as an assistant manager just for the pay.  Its about more than that—responsibility, dedication, motivating others.  Oh, and also running the annual workplace March Madness pool, which I still do out of the goodness of my own heart.

CUP SERIES STP 500: Mystery Picker picks Kevin Harvick.  Favorite (2 wins): Kyle Busch—does it count as a “sweep” if there’s only two races?  Or is it more of a dustpan?  Next Favorite: Denny Hamlin—local win etc. etc.  Dark Horse: Alex Bowman—hey, its not like the Camaro’s crappy aero will matter here.

TRUCK SERIES (2 wins) Martinsville 250: Kyle Busch—and put yourrrr little hand in miiiiiine…