Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Opening a Sealed Box of 2019 Donruss Racing Cards PACK 3

Recently I got a sealed box of 2019 Donruss Racing Cards—24 packs, 8 cards per pack.  Join me as I go through the entire case, pack-by-pack, to see what awaited me. (Click any picture to enlarge)

PACK 3 of 24: Jimmie Double, Buescher’s Stubble, and Trivia Trouble

OVERVIEW: In a near repeat of the last pack, we get a big focus on the drivers of today less a single Dale Jarrett cards, this time showing him in his later years with RYR.  Meanwhile, the plus-side to having a ton of variants and different cards is that its darn-near impossible to get duplicates in the same pack, as seen here by two different Jimmie Johnson cards.

SPECIAL SPECIAL: Most of the cards that feature the car (instead of the driver) are printed longways to show the most of the paint scheme possible.  However, then the back of the card is printed right-side up.  Why is that?

IN FOCUS: Here we gets the first of one my favorite sub-sets, a semi-throwback to the cards of yesteryear.  As seemingly all old cards used to, we get a piece of trivia.  And to answer the question, Donruss, no, I did NOT know that Austin Dillon lives in a converted barn.

SPOTLIGHT: This year’s main parallel has cards with a design that throws back to Donruss’s 1987 baseball cards.  No earthly idea why they chose that year for 2019, unless someone at the company really, really liked the look of Jose Canseco’s Rated Rookie card.

SCORE: 4 Twitter feuds out of 10