Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Spade Racing: The Offseason

Well, another year of racing is in the books (or, it would be if people still used physical Nascar Media Guides), which means that the offseason is finally upon us.  You remember the offseason—it’s when people stop complaining about how long the season is and start complaining about how short it is.  But even with no more racing to comment on, there will STILL be content o’plenty here at Spade Racing!  That’s right—check back for my weekly offseason updates on the super-secret fighting tournament held to crown a REAL champion!  There’s going to be lots of behind-the-scenes work on some awesome stuff you’ll see once the 2017 Cup season ramps up.  And just as sure as the awards banquet will suck, you can bet that any late-breaking news will be covered here as well.

Thanks for another great year of racing—now stick around for more!!!