Monday, November 7, 2016

Rain Delay Blamed on Brian France

Sunday’s AAA Texas 500 was both delayed and abbreviated due to persistent rain in the area of Texas Motor Speedway.  The cause of the rain, according to a sampling of fans, was put squarely on Nascar Chairman Brian France.
“Damnit, France did it again!”, said race fan Christina Kynlyn shortly after the first rain storm began.  “This always happens now that that silver-spoon goof off Brian is in charge.  We never had problems like this when Bill (France) Junior was running the show!  And that reminds me—its Brian’s fault that Dale (Earnhardt) Jr. is out this weekend too!”
Fans from the track to the internet blamed the Nascar scion for Sunday’s precipitation, though it didn’t stop there.
“IDIOT BRIAN DOES IT AGAIN!” was the subject line of a message board thread started after the sudden conclusion to Sunday’s race.  “Anybody with half a brain would’ve moved the start-time up to 9am so we could’ve all watched it.  Figures that some stupid stuffed shirt like Brain (sic) would just let it rain like that.  Same with moving all the races to cable and letting Tony Stewart retire!”
For the real reason, Spade Racing went to meteorologist Lewis Norman for the actual cause.

“Well, rain comes from a warm or cold front passing through the area, bringing with it saturated air and lower barometric pressure”, Norman said, “however, its worth pointing out that whenever it rains in Indianapolis in the month of May, it’s obviously Tony George’s fault.