Sunday, November 20, 2016

Carl Edwards Still Walking

After his championship hopes were ruined in a vicious wreck with 10 laps to go, driver Carl Edwards declined the usual ambulance ride to the infield care center, choosing to walk there himself.  After touching base with the 22 team and crew and visiting the care center and being released, Edwards continued walking with no stop in sight.
“I just decided it would be better to walk”, Edwards said in full stride.  “That wreck was hard, but that’s no excuse to avoid getting in a good bit of exercise.”
Edwards had made his way outside the track by the time the race had gone back to caution after a red flag stoppage.  Nascar officials attempted to keep up with Edwards, but gave up upon realizing that he had no plans of stopping.
“I think I’m just going to keep walking for awhile”, Edwards told a reporter who had managed to keep up with him as he exited the track premises.  “I might just keep walking until the offseason is over.  Its not like I have a motorhome to go back to anyways.”

Eyewitnesses confirmed that Edwards was walking due-north, possibly in the direction of Daytona Beach.