Friday, June 3, 2016

Pocono “News” and Notes

Coming soon to a lap down near you!
—Sure last weekend’s race wasn’t that exciting, but look where the Cup Series is on Sunday—Pocono!  A unique challenge for drivers and crews alike, this race is sure to drum up interest in Nascar as we hit the “halfway to the Chase” mark.  Unless it rains.

—My favorite paint scheme (the Medallion Bank taxi look) returns to the track this weekend.  Since Brian Scott’s driving it, I’m guessing it’s the first time anybody from Idaho has ever taken a taxi.

—Speaking of RPM, bad news for their Xfinity program, which has been put on hiatus until further funding is found.  Jeez, first Turner-Scott, then BK Racing, and now THIS?  Jeb Burton sure can’t catch a break.  Well, besides being the son of an ex-Cup driver.

—Lots of Darlington throwback paint schemes have been trickling out lately, but what about a possible throw-forward, “Turn AHEAD the Clock” promotion?  Oh, right, MLB did that and it was horrible.