Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cup Driver Matt DiBenedetto Ruins Xfinity Race for Fan

A controversy that has “bubbled under” the Nascar Xfinity Series for years has finally exploded for race fan Eddy Stone, who angrily turned-off today’s Xfinity race from Pocono after hearing that Cup driver Matt DiBenedetto was running in the race.
“I’m sick and tired of all these Cup drivers ruining the Xfinity Series!”, Stone ranted on a message board.  “I mean, anytime DiBenedetto runs in a lower series, he ruins the whole experience for me—why can’t he just stay in Cup like he’s supposed to?”
Stone, who considers himself a hardcore “old school” racing fan, refuses to accept any possible practical reasons for DiBenedetto’s running of the Pocono Green 250.
“Oh sure, he claims he learns a lot running in other series, but he’s learning too much!”, Stone continued.  “Just look at today—he ran a few laps, then he parked his car!  He must have learned so much so quick that he didn’t even need to stick around for the rest of the race!”
Stone—as well as numerous other fans—have blamed Cup drivers such as DiBenedetto from taking Xfinity Series opportunities away from full-time drivers such as sponsorship and winnings.  Today seemed to be the last straw.
“When I saw White Paint Inc. on the hood of the 10 car, that was it for me”, Stone put at the end of his online screed.  “I am DONE with guys like DiBenedetto ruining the Xfinity Series”.

Stone is expected to tune in next week for the Menards 250 from Michigan and switch to complaining about how Dale Earnhardt Jr. is far too polished to be in the booth.