Sunday, March 20, 2016

Goodyear Tire Experts Answer Your Questions

Dear Goodyear—I was driving to work the other day, and I think I ran over a nail or something, because I had a bad blowout and had to get a tow.  Is there anyway I can prevent that from happening?  D. Gill, Severna, Maryland
"No, not me"

Dear D. Gill—Obviously we try to work as hard as we can to provide drivers with the highest-quality tire possible.  However, too many drivers force the issue and run their cars with far too much camber.  For that reason we cannot accept blame for this issue.

Dear Goodyear—Admission time: I let my tires go too long without replacing them.  The other day I noticed that the front two are almost totally bald, but I have a big exam at school tomorrow—can I still drive on them for one more day?  —D. Douglas, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dear D. Douglas—While we work as hard as possible to provide our drivers with the best innovations in tire technology, far too many owners run their brakes too hot, which results in a melted bead.  If the brake system on your car has been altered in any way, we cannot take responsibility for the performance of your tires tomorrow.

Dear Goodyear—My truck has your Wrangler tires on them, but I can’t find that certain model here anymore.  As long as I keep them all-Goodyear tires, will it be ok?  —S. Blackman, Annville, PA.

Dear S. Blackman—We work round the clock to provide our customers with the best tires possible.  However, if tire pressure is below the recommended PSI, we cannot be held responsible for what happens.  Similarly, if the tire pressure is too high, we cannot be held responsible for what happens.

Dear Goodyear—Yesterday one of your tires failed on me after only about 80 miles.  Today, the same thing happens.  What’s your problem?  —Ky. Busch, Fontana, California

Dear Ky. Busch—We’d love to discuss your issues with you—please meet us on-air post-race.