Sunday, March 6, 2016

Brad Keselowski Gives Inscrutable Victory Lane Interview

"Yeah, they don't let me near the beer cooler
After hunting down and passing Kyle Busch with mere laps remaining, Brad Keselowski cruised into victory lane in the Kobalt 400, leading to a dense, layered post-race interview.
“Well really, this was a team effort, even if it shows as more of an individual effort”, Keselowski opined upon exiting his car.  “Any time you can win against the best this sport has to offer, you’re happy, but you still remember how much it can change in an instant, so you stay humble, you stay hungry, even as you enjoy it.”
The assembled media corps listened in silence, either enraptured by the well-spoken driver’s words, or completely confused at what he was saying.
“We silenced a lot of haters today with our performance”, Keselowski continued.  “Then we had them cheering our efforts, so we silenced the silencers.  You want to give the fans a great show, but never remember the real reasons why you’re doing this out here.”

After fading at the end of the race, Kyle Busch was much more concise in his post race interview, simply saying “leave me alone”.