Friday, January 8, 2016

1975 World 600 “News” and Notes

—Talk about a dichotomy—last week the quiet, reserved veteran David Pearson won at Dover, and the week before that Darrell Waltrip won his first Cup race at Nashville.  Darrell’s such a talkative guy, always joking around—I bet we NEVER get tired of him!

—Most real matadors try to avoid the bull.  The Penske AMC Matador tries to avoid aerodynamics.

—Things are going pretty groovy so far with the new points system.  Finally every race is worth the same number of points, it’s easy to figure out, and there’s a fine balance between wins and consistency—let’s hope they never have to screw with the points system again.

—Yeah, James Hylton is running great this year, but he’s really a flash-in-the-pan to me.  I bet he’s not racing in a few years.

—Same for Dave Marcis.

—Now Walter Ballard, THERE’S a name you’ll be hearing for years to come.

—Sometimes I wonder if Richard Childress wouldn’t be better-served as an owner, not an independent owner-driver.  But who would drive the 3 car?

—Oh, and by the way, Ralph Earnhardt’s kid is making his debut this weekend.