Sunday, October 25, 2015

Talladega Fans Tell Logano, Nascar They’re Number One

A confusing end to a bizarre race left Nascar’s most-popular driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., lose the race—and his chance to advance in the Chase—on what was essentially a judgement call.  Fans didn’t seem to mind, however, quickly showing Logano and the Nascar officials what they felt about them, with a single finger raised in appreciation.
"That's right kids, he's number one"
“It was great to see all those fans telling me I was number one”, Logano said upon exiting his car in Victory Lane.  “To be able to sweep the whole round in the Chase, man, it feels like we picked up tens of thousands of fans today.”
Nascar had instituted a new rule earlier this week limiting the race to a single Green-White-Checker finish.  After a strange “false-start” restart on the first attempt, the second attempt at the only restart attempt saw another wreck happen shortly after going green.  Nascar then waited until an apparently arbitrary moment to throw the yellow flag.
“Nascar definitely made the right call there, and the fans obviously knew it”, Logano told reporters.  “Heck—they were even throwing me some beers to try and celebrate early before we got to Victory Lane!”
Logano thanked the crowd before leaving for further interviews in the media center.

“Thank you everybody for telling me I’m number one, it’s really flattering.  Just like all those Kenseth fans who told me last week that I was number one—thank you!”