Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Commercial I’d Like to See

Are you tired of hatches that open up at the drop of a hat?  Safety escapes that fly open when you least expect it?
Hi, Bill Skift here for PlexSeal, the revolutionary new liquid rubber adhesive that stops rouge hatches fast!
PlexSeal goes on easy and seals tight for a waterproof, airproof, and Talladegaproof bond that won’t break—no matter how many laps you take.
We installed a faulty hatch on the hood of Denny Hamlin’s race car then tried to bind it with tape—within a single lap the hatch was blown open again.  But with PlexSeal, the hatch stayed down till the end of the race.
“Hi, I’m Nascar driver Denny Hamlin, and PlexSeal is the adhesive that gets results.”
Proper-working latches can cost up to $500!  But we’re offering PlexSeal to you for only $19.95.  But wait!  We’ll DOUBLE your order—that’s two cans of PlexSeal for just $19.95
But that’s not all!  Call in the next 15 minutes and you’ll get a trial size can of PlexShot, the only adhesive strong enough to repair an ACL tear!

Call now!