Friday, October 16, 2015

Kansas “News” and Notes—Special Jumbo Edition

—In other sports (especially football) when you’re looking past an average opponent to a big-time matchup the following week, the earlier game is called a “trap game”.  Well, Kansas is a “trap race” if there ever was one.
I also think this is the first time the phrase
"Skin and Bones" has ever been associated
with Mike Harmon.
—It’s strange to see Jennifer Jo Cobb running an Xfinity race just a few days after getting married, but it’s even stranger to see the prime #88 ride going to someone as obscure as this “Kevin Harvicke” guy Jayski is talking about.
—After two weeks with hideous plaid paint schemes, Kyle Larson will run a red-and-white pinstriped scheme on Sunday, making his car look like a giant candy-cane.  Well, it’s a step-up.
—Sonic will be on the hood this weekend for Sam Hornish Jr.  Here’s hoping we get a commercial with Sam where he kills off those two annoying guys in the car.
Never forget
—Johnny Sauter is moving to GMS Racing—they of Allegiant Air—in 2016 with the dreaded “sponsorship to be announced” tag.  No word yet on why he left ThorSport Racing, although he might have been feeling jealous of Matt Crafton’s 22 different sponsors on the hood each year.
—Speaking of aviation, US Airways finally folds tonight after over 70 years of service.  See, you stop sponsoring Greg Sacks, and THIS is what happens, people.

—With Kansas adding restart lines for this weekend’s races, it’s good to see that it wasn’t just Charlotte doing it.  And by “Charlotte doing it”, I of course mean “Bruton Smith doing it to piss off Nascar”.