Friday, July 4, 2014

Daytona "News" and Notes: Bizarre Starting Lineup Edition

Strategy, rain, and a little luck has stocked tomorrow night's race with one of the most-surprising front two rows in recent memory.  Since the top four starters might be a mystery to newer fans, here's some fun facts about these underdogs:

Tomorrow's pole-sitter with his
conjoined twin sister
Pole Position: David Gilliland (38)  Was screwed over by Yates Racing…Still has no idea what "Hype Manufacturing" is…Can eat his own weight in papayas…Has no relationship whatsoever with his biological stepfather.

Outside Pole: Reed Sorenson (36)  Was screwed over by RPM…Has been meaning to clean out that closet with all the Target merchandise for years…Can juggle a single ball for hours…Preferred the replacement Red Power Ranger over the original.

Inside Row 2: Landon Cassill (40)  Was screwed over by Hendrick Motorsports…Once misspelled his own last name on a credit card application…Can do an upside-down handstand…Thinks Toby Gerhart & Bobby Gerhart are related.

Outside Row 2: Bobby Labonte (33)  Was screwed over by Petty Enterprises (and, sorta, by Joe Gibbs Racing)…Allergic to ham…Briefly wrestled as "The Black Viper"…Thinks Brian France smells like vanilla.