Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Dandiest Interview with Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch seems to have no problem dropping down to the lower series in order to defeat some of the sport's young, rising talent.  But he's doing so in JGR equipment, isn't that kind of an unfair fight?  I went down to KBM headquarters to investigate, and asked him, why doesn't he agree to take on one of the sport's underfunded prospects in equally-matched equipment?  Here was his response:

Kyle Busch's Senior Prom
Kyle Busch: "Lemme tell you about who deserves a shot at me--I'm the guy gunning for 200 wins!  I oughta know!  Y'know, I've been sizing up guys since this season started, and the guy who I think has EARNED a shot at me, Norm Benning, I think you're a heck of a driver, you're a great technician on the track, you're a jam-up guy--"

Me: "Woah, woah, woah, wait a minute--Norm Benning's been driving in Nascar for 30 years now, an--"

KB: "He's a GREAT driver."

Me: "Well, he is a great driver, but for goodness sakes, at 40 years differenc--"

KB: "Who are YOU to doubt Norm Benning?  This guy's a serious professional."

Me: "C'mon, let's talk abou--"

KB: "How about Shep Morgan?"


KB: "WHATEVER, whatever, he's a GREAT driver, y'know, you can say what you want, you can try to tear these guys down, you can try to take them down--"

Me: "Yeah, but--"

KB: "He's a Cup driver of the highest magnitude!"