Monday, April 7, 2014

Kevin "Lucky" Harvick's Season Preview

After a number of bad-luck issues to start the 2014 season (albeit with a win in his pocket), Kevin Harvick and the 4 team seem to be finding new ways to DNF.  Here's a look at what the team is planning for the rest of the season:
Keelan & Chim-Chim

--Guy parachutes into the car again, only THIS time, it's during a race.

--Keelan stows away in the trunk with a domesticated chimp.

--"Brown Flag Stop" after eating a day-old sandwich.

--Blocked-in on pit road after the first-ever attempt at a three-tire stop.

--Misses a race to act as John Wes Townley's Designated Driver.

--A piece of his eye gets lodged in some metal.

--Front grill gets clogged with pollutants (Dover only).

--Fuel pickup issues after Aric Almirola stuffs gas tank full with bacon.

--Oh, and he'll probably win again, too.