Friday, April 4, 2014

Texas "News" and Notes

--Well, they're calling for rain AGAIN this weekend at the track.  I'm really starting to wonder if Darrell Waltrip's "Vortex Theory" is actually working in reverse, DRAWING rain towards where racing is happening.

--Derrike Cope just got married.  Well, all us single men just moved up a slot on the "Most Eligible Bachelor" list.

--It looks like Gene Haas's F1 team is going to become a reality.  Let the uninformed "Danica's going to F1" comments begin!

--Yes, fan voting is going on for the Nascar Hall of Fame, via Nascar's labyrinthine website.  But I couldn't vote for Robert Pressley.  And if I can't vote for Robert Pressley, what's the point?

--Anybody else wonder why us Nascar fans focus so much on TV ratings?  I mean, if the ratings for Houston Astros games are down 33%, do you think that the other two fans really care?

--Does the new Chase format make winning more important?  Yes, in relation to the championship.  But its not like drivers WEREN'T TRYING beforehand.  Well, besides Dave Blaney.

--Did Ty Dillon steal Dave Marcis's hat?