Friday, September 13, 2013

"Read the sign, punk!"

Taken from my TV--feel free to share!

Brian France does his
Mike Helton impression
In today's "Yeah, sorry about that Jeff" press conference held by Nascar, the logo on the backdrop behind the head honchos read: "Chase for the Sprint Cup 2012".  Now, how could such a thing happen?  Well, besides complacency and executive incompetence, that is.

--After letting Jeff Gordon into the Chase as the 13th driver on Friday the 13th, they were tired of looking at the number 13 (watch out, Casey Mears).

--The guy next to Mike Helton had just time-travelled from the 1920's.  C'mon--give Fatty Arbuckle a break!

--The sport's higher-ups are far too busy pursuing a perjury charge against Michael Waltrip, who blatantly lied on Nascar Race Hub when he said, "I am not a dipsh*t".

--Plenty of people noticed it, but they were worried about what would happen if they made Mike Helton even sadder than he already looked.