Sunday, September 8, 2013

Clint Bowyer Explains Last Night's Spinout

"I'd strangle Ryan Newman's neck...if I could find it"

Hello, Nascar fans.  If you're like me, and I know I am, you're probably still talking about last night's intense on-track action at Richmond International Raceway.  It was a heck of a race, and an exciting way to segue into the Chase for the Cup.  Unfortunately, certain people--Ray Evernham, I'm looking in your direction--are accusing Michael Waltrip Racing of cheating.
Well, frankly, I've had enough of it.
How could you--any of you--accuse MWR of such a heinous act?  All I've seen online and heard on the radio are false, baseless accusations.  Our race team prides itself on being fair, competitive, and following the rules.  Our team owner Michael Waltrip sets the tone.  He's taught us what's really important--sticking together no matter what and always conducting yourself in an honest, professional manner.
Now, some of you might be wondering why there were certain comments made by my crew chief prior to my spinout.  Well, I talked to Brian Pattie, and he told me, with firm and strong conviction in his voice, "No Comment".  Well, that's good enough for me, and it SHOULD be good enough for you.
Well, I'm glad I got all of this cleared up.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have a group of adoring fans waiting outside the MWR RaceWorld shop, the only one that charges its own fans to enter.  Boy, I can't wait to see their show of support!