Friday, May 11, 2012

Darlington "News" and Notes, Special Numbers Edition

Since "The Lady Too Tough to Tame" is one of the biggest crap-shoots in Nascar, lets instead take at look at the rumored new sponsor for Matt Kenseth.  Supposedly this will involve "…a new number on the car" (likely only for the All-Star race).  So what sponsor is so attached to a number that they'd request a change?  Lets see…

Dr. Pepper (23)  Dr. Pepper frequently advertises how it has "23 flavors" in its secret formula.  Even though none of those flavors are "pepper".

Baskin-Robbins (31)  The ice-cream shop has long promoted its "Thirty-Onederful Flavors" (one for each day of the longest months).  Yes, 31 is already used by Jeff Burton, but Mr. Roush has some, shall we say, "embarrassing" photos of Mr. Burton and an ostrich.

Heinz (57)  Heinz has used the number 57 in its advertising for years, and has sponsored in Nascar before.  If this is the sponsor, expect Matt Kenseth to say that the team needs to "ketchup" to the competition, followed by everybody going on and on about how funny he is.

Phillips TropArctic (66)  Really, when you've already sponsored Derrike Cope, how can anything possibly compare?

84 Lumber (84)  Thank my dad for this suggestion.  Fun fact: 84 Lumber is named after the founder's hometown of Eighty Four, Pennsylvania.  Thank goodness he wasn't from the Pennsylvania towns of Blue Ball, Bird-in-Hand, or Intercourse.