Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Movie Preview

As Nascar and Hollywood both move into their "Lets just get this over with" portions of their schedules, lets see what racing-themed films are coming soon to a theater near you:

Mirror Mirror--Hendrick Motorsports puts a second mirror in Kasey Kahne's car, so he can look at himself looking at himself while driving.

Goon--The Boris Said Story.

Bully--In this documentary, various drivers all try to answer the same exact question, "No, really, why CAN'T we punch Jimmy Spencer in the face?"

The Island President--Team Owner Robby Gordon fires Driver Robby Gordon after Sponsor Rep Robby Gordon is caught having an affair with Secretary Robby Gordon.

American Reunion--All the American drivers who have competed in Formula 1 the past twenty years join together to beat the hell out of Michael Andretti.

The Hunter--Can Trevor Bayne hunt down a new sponsor?

ATM--Can Jack Roush keep inventing sponsors for Trevor Bayne to "hunt down"?

The Cabin in the Woods--Intrepid reporters try to find the spot where ESPN had tied up John Kernan.

Lockout--The NBA tries to gain back all zero fans that it lost to Nascar.

The Lucky One--Derrike Cope struggles with life after his Daytona 500 win, armed with nothing more than his dashing good looks.