Friday, July 19, 2019

Spade Racing Picks: Uncle Max vs. Mystery Picker—New Hampshire

Well, that big meeting I had with my store manager last week didn’t go according to plan.  Take it from me—any meeting that gets interrupted by a fire alarm is not going to go in your favor.  So I’m still in my usual position, still training new employees, still picking up slack for other mangers who’ve moved in.
Am I in a rut?  I don’t know.  Sometimes I wonder if I should throw it all away, move to Vegas and become a professional handicapper.  Then I remember how much I like having health insurance.  Oh well, back to the grind I guess.

CUP SERIES Foxwoods 301: Mystery Picker picks Kevin Harvick.  Favorite (4 wins): Joey Logano—going for the hometown kid (well, home region kid).  Next Favorite (1 win): Kyle Busch—slight downgrade from my usual “Favorite” spot for him.  Dark Horse: Daniel Suarez—“Big Mo’” finally swings in his favor.

XFINITY SERIES Roxor 200 (6 wins): Ryan Truex—winning in the 8 car at one of his family’s dozen or so home tracks.