Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Opening a Sealed Box of 2019 Donruss Racing Cards PACK 16

Recently I got a sealed box of 2019 Donruss Racing Cards—24 packs, 8 cards per pack.  Join me as I go through the entire case, pack-by-pack, to see what awaited me. (Click any picture to enlarge)

PACK 16 OF 24: Skoal, Cole, and Smoke’s Goal

OVERVIEW: Plenty of diversity here beyond the three Bass Pro Shops sponsored cards.  And hey, on the back of Smoke’s card we find out that he has a Smokey & The Bandit car, but he’s never driven it.  Think he walks by it once in a while and murmurs “Someday…”?

SPECIAL SPECIAL: The Jimmie Johnson Originals card focuses on his Dover dominance.  Success at the Monster Mile is pretty much the only way my current home state makes its way onto trading cards.

IN FOCUS: While I’m sure that Cole Whitt appreciates getting a card, I’m guessing he would’ve preferred not to have one at all considering that this one mentions a 19th-place finish, followed by a bunch of blank space.

SPOTLIGHT: The back of Ryan Newman’s card focuses on his reputation as being difficult to pass.  Considering his lack of success lately, that’s like bragging about a baseball player hitting the most balls to the warning track.

SCORE: 5 stage wins out of 10