Monday, April 2, 2018

The First-Ever Book From Mike Mackler of Spade Racing—NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!!!

Yes, for the first-time ever, a book from Spade Racing’s webmaster/head-writer/janitor—“100 Stock Car Racing ‘What Ifs’ Unauthorized”.  BUY IT NOW ON PAPERBACK OR KINDLE.  From the back cover:

Nascar has a long and storied history, but it also has a past littered with “What If?” questions.  Join author Mike Mackler as he takes a look back at stock car racing’s 100 most-intriguing hypotheticals:
—What if Jeff Gordon had gotten a ride in IndyCar?
—What if Curtis Turner was never banned by Nascar?
—What if restrictor plates were never implemented?
and 97 other varieties of the most-interesteing question of them all: “What If?”

This book has taken me months to read, and it would satisfy me immensely if you, the loyal reader of Spade Racing (yes, you!) would buy a copy, either on paperback or on Kindle.  And don’t worry—things are staying the same here at Spade Racing with plenty of fun and frivolity throughout the 2018 season.

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