Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Wednesday November 8th sees the premiere of the documentary “Danica” on Epix (8pm ET).  Here’s what you can expect from the special:

—Discussion of her IndyCar career, framed by an unbiased, measured spoken word piece by Todd Harris.

—Explanation as to why she decided to move to Nascar, summed up by “GoDaddy wanted me to”.

—Treating her Daytona 500 pole win on the level as Amelia Earhart’s first flight across the Atlantic and Marie Curie’s work in the field of radiation.

—Focus on her scintillating feuds with David Ragan, Kyle Petty, and Jay Mohr.

—Explanation as to how her arguing with a fan at Pocono was actually an allegory for her struggle to be accepted by the greater public at-large, or something.

—A bunch of awkward blurring-out of Nature’s Bakery logos.