Sunday, September 24, 2017

Rick Allen Joins Pre-Race Coverage

Rutledge Wood: “…and they say they’ve been coming to this track since the late-80’s, so it was convenient when they started having Cup races here—“
This is not the Rick Allen I was looking for

Rick Allen: “Sorry to cut you off Rut, but we have just seen something big on the split-screen here—Austin Dillon APPEARS to have bumped into Kevin Harvick in the backstage area where the drivers wait for pre-race introductions.  Of course, the weather so hot this weekend at the track, one has to wonder if Austin simply lost his footing on the hot pavement, or is this some form of payback from what happened last year at Texas.  That incident, meanwhile, payback of sorts for what Harvick did to Austin’s brother Ty in the Truck Series race, which brought us the infamous ‘Silver Spoon’ comment that the Dillon brothers have yet to live down.  Let’s bring in the drivers here, Dale, Kyle, both of you races for years, did either of you have something like this happen to you?”

Dale Jarrett: “Uh, I mean, its pretty crowded back there in the staging area, I think it was just an accident.”

Kyle Petty: “Yeah, I don’t think Kevin even really noticed it, Rick.”

Rick Allen: “Yes, there was alleged contact there between Harvick and Dillon in the staging area, one would have to think that any injuries or distractions such as these could lead to major playoff implications for both the 4 team and the 3—the 4 working so hard this year to fight through the controversy of Danica Patrick leaving the team after this year, while the 3, of course, like so many of us dealing with the looming specter of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s coming retirement.  Speaking of which, Jeffrey Earnhardt’s about to be introduced, we go Nascar Nonstop so you don’t miss a thing.”