Friday, September 11, 2015

Richmond News & Notes

--Saturday night is the last chance to make the Chase! ...unless it rains. 

--Clint Bowyer's future remains in flux, with no announcement on where he's going in 2016. Right now the best-bet seems to be either RPM or HScott, although The Motorsports Group isn't giving up just yet. 

--Denny Hamlin has another injury from playing basketball. Some people say he shouldn't be allowed to play basketball, but come on--he's sponsored by Jordan Brand. That would be like telling Joey Logano not to fill up his car, or telling Kurt Busch not to program CNC machines, or telling Trevor Bayne to not annoy his friends about vitamins. 

--Menards is going to sponsor Paul Menard again next year. No, that wasn't a joke--it was an actual piece of NEWS.