Saturday, February 14, 2015

Giving Logano The Hook

After a heated discussion between Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick post-race, a member of Logano’s pit crew forcefully pulled Joey out of the argument.  What was this mystery man saying as he yanked on Logano’s fire suit?  Here’s some guesses:

“You can’t hear him anyways, his helmet’s muffling his yip-yap mouth”

“It’s a sponsor conflict—they use Pennzoil in the Jimmy Johns special sauce”

“Easy now, you’re supposed to be the calm one on this team”

“Let the wives settle this one”

“Nope, that ‘yo mamma’ joke was lame, so you’re getting the hook”

“Don’t get yourself penalized in a meaningless race”

“If you start ragging on his plugs, he’ll REALLY go off”