Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Sprint to Replace Sprint

The Taste of Victory
...and cancer

As you've most-likely heard, Sprint is doing to Nascar what it does to a majority of its calls in rural areas:  Dropping it.  While they'll hang around until 2015, speculation has already begun about who will replace them as the title sponsor of Nascar's premiere Cup Series sponsor.  Here's a few rumored possibilities:

Wal-Mart--the "white whale" of sponsorship is still out there, though it doesn't make much sense from Wal-Mart's point-of-view:  I mean really, how many people in the country are unaware of Wal-Mart?  Five?

T-Mobile--With Verizon already sponsoring the USAC Championship Trail--er, I mean, IndyCar--and AT&T likely still annoyed over how they were jettisoned from the sport years ago, T-Mobile is the only remaining major wireless company that could step-in and supplant Sprint.  There is one possible issue, though--with T-Mobile's main marketing color being bright pink, how will sponsors pay lip service to breast cancer "awareness" one month each year?

Blue Sky Studios--Since NBC chose to utilize its "activation costs" to sponsor the former Nationwide Series, Fox could do the same via its animation studio.  Could be worse--we COULD have Fox christen the Princess Productions Cup Series.

Dixie Products--See?  Because Dixie makes cups!  It would be the Dixie Cup!  Get it?  It's going to be mentioned as a joke in every story about this over the next two years!!!

Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce--heh, just kidding.